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The American Cultural Myth, America as the Land of Freedom and Essay

The American Cultural Myth, America as the Land of Freedom and Equality - Essay Example The given paper will discuss the American myth and reality and prove that the equal rights the United States provides are still to be got by people in a long and difficult struggle. The question about the reality of American equality is rather controversial. This controversy comes from the miscomprehension of what is meant by equality and freedom and how it is realized in the American society. The myth is that the United States of America represents the place where everybody is â€Å"free†, so he can do everything that comes into his mind. In reality, freedom and equality are really present in America, however, people who come to the state usually feel shock because of the official and bureaucratic limitations, and face difficulties on their way to become a part of the American society. During its history, the United States regulation has been doing its best to counterpoise the independence of a person with the welfare of the country and the outcomes of such efforts sometimes appeared to be rather strange and unexpected. Anti-smoking law that states that those who do not smoke have a right to live without smoke that restricts the right of smokers’ to smoke represents the perfect example of this strangeness. Young people who come to America to study are usually unpleasantly surprised by a great number of regulations that controls each step they make. The social principles in America are really strange. They represent a mix of Puritanism and the commonly nonjudgmental American approach that generates a lot of difficulties for newcomers, because they can’t foresee the American society’s reaction to their actions. Furthermore, in America various ethnic groups live one next to another and each group has its own principles that may differ much from the values of other. Consequently, the newcomers often feel that there are absolutely no rules in the United States and appear at a

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The preaching ministry of Heinrich Bullinger Research Paper

The preaching ministry of Heinrich Bullinger - Research Paper Example Life of a Preacher 5. Highs and Lows of his Life in Zurich 6. Conclusion 1. Introduction Heinrich Bullinger was a well-known Swiss reformer who was the head of the Zurich church as the successor of Huldrych Zwingli. Most researchers show how different he was form the earlier generation of reformers such as Martin Luther and Ulrich Zwingli. Bullinger was rather a consolidator; he added his own perspective to the theology and was a genius to think beyond just gathering the gospel riches that the people of Switzerland craved. Hence, it is believed after being long underestimated, that without him, the shape of theology of England in the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century would have been unimaginable1. Bullinger is known for being one of the most influential theologians in the history and specifically in the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. The life of Bullinger indicated how he had been raised for priesthood. His father was a Catholic priest and though he was a prie st, he had married, mainly because of the loose enforcement of the vows of celibacy. Bullinger was the youngest of five sons. Bullinger’s parents are not much discussed, but the fact the Bullinger’s father came to confess on the doctrines of the Reformation when he was very old, is known. This may be probably because of the influence of his gifted son2. 2. Early Life Eventually Bullinger started with his formal education in the school of The Brethren of the Common Life in Cleves. While his education, his father gave him no money as he believed that his poverty is necessary for him to develop good habits and responsibilities in his life. However, like Luther, Bullinger was also subjected to sing to earn his living. Bullinger also wanted to enter a Carthusian monastery during his studies, but he was put off against his brother. And he rather set off to Germany to attend the University of Cologne when he was 15 years of age, as his parents expected him to follow the clerg y just as Luther3. Bullinger went through many of the experiences and formations of his life while he was in Germany. It was in Cologne when he started studying about the scholastic theologians of the middle Ages. Soon he became disgusted of them, and rather turned his way to the church fathers, specifically Chrysostom and Augustine. He was involved in the lives of the church fathers and eventually became inspired by their writings, especially by their abundant use of Scripture. Prompted by the determination of the church fathers to ground all their doctrine in God’s Word, Bullinger turned his direction to the study of Scriptures4. Thus, as he involved himself more in the pleasure of reading Scriptures, he went through the writings of Martin Luther and used to be inspired by them greatly. These writings used to revolve throughout Germany at that time and thus Bullinger involved himself immensely in this world. It is these years of study in Germany that Bullinger spent and bec ame one of those whose life was surrounded by the winds of reform that were let loose by Luther5. On returning to Switzerland with his master’s degree in 1522, Bullinger accepted the call by Wolfgung Rupli to teach in the cloister school. As he was already influenced by the thought of Reformation, he taught the monks form the New Testament and from Philip Melanchthon’s Loci Communes, which was considerably the first systematic theology of the Reformation. He also initiated the systematic

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Education and the Digital Divide :: essays papers

Education and the Digital Divide Closing the digital divide involves many components, starting with the education program and teachers. While schools are integrating new technologies into their programs, teachers are supposed to keep up with the latest technologies and use them in their curriculum to teach students. According to a U.S. Department of Education Report (1999), only 24 percent of new teachers felt sufficiently prepared to integrate technology into the curriculum they were using (Brogan, 2000). The problem is, many teachers did not grow up with computers and are not receiving the training they need to operate them (Brogan, 2000). Starting work as early as 7 a.m. and leaving school as late as 5 p.m. to go home and do even more work, leaves teachers lacking the time to learn new technological skills. Many schools offer training programs for teachers. For example, the Palm Beach County, Florida school district teaches Web basics for teachers at middle schools and magnet schools (Brogan, 2000). This i s a great idea because it is giving teachers the opportunity to learn about technology and it is showing that the school district is interested in helping its employees become better at what they do. Andy Carvin states â€Å" internet access in schools isn’t worth a hill of beans if teachers aren’t prepared to take full advantage of technology† (2000). Schools spend a lot of money on computer hardware and software as well as other technologies without realizing that many of their employees are unprepared to include them in their teaching and use them to their advantages. Educators often use technology as a classroom management tool rather than an educational one, allowing computer time as a reward for good behavior (Clark & Gorski, 2001). The problem with this is that students learn to use the computer for games and such because it is their reward instead of using it on their own time for educational purposes. This is teaching them the wrong idea. Margaret Honey, director of the Center for Children and Technology in NYC said it best, â€Å"The bottom line is, you don’t just put technology into schools or into homes and expect miracles to happen. The technology is only as good as the program that surrounds it† (Meyer, 2002, p.2). â€Å"Education is probably the most important issue that affects the ability to benefit from technology.

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Research Strategy Paper. Stress

A vast amount of information about work-related stress is readily available. After doing a preliminary search of keywords â€Å"work related stress,† I found that the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Oxford university's medical department, the US National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health all maintain sites which will be useful as sources for me. All of these sites are administered by well-known and legitimate organizations and loud be excellent sources of accurate and reliable information.They also include the results of professionally conducted clinical research studies. Additionally, the same keyword search conducted In the university of Phoenix library resulted In 330 sources available for research utilization. By focusing on these numerous sources, I will find relevant and unbiased studies and material directly specific to work-related stress. An overview of my research strategy process is s ummarized as follows: – Identify and select the problem/topic. I have already decided my topic will be â€Å"Work-Related Stress†.Find and Identify the symptoms of the work-related stress that are common to the ma]orally of people affected by work-related stress and not to a specific career field or occupation. – Find and identify the common causes that are relevant to the majority of people and not a specific career field or occupation. – Find and identify both long-term and short-term health risks and benefits, if any, related to work- related stress. – Identify the treatments available to reduce or eliminate work-related stress. Any medication prescribed for the treatment of stress must be approved by he Food and Drug Administration(FDA).Pipeline or experimental medication will not be considered. ; Develop conclusions related to the above research. – Summarize research findings and conclusion in the form of a written report. In order to e ffectively get the most reliable information regarding work-related stress, I will utilize credible publications, books, articles, Journals and studies and I will reference all cited data. Utilizing both the Internet and the University of Phoenix library, I will search for, locate and compare legitimate data and studies to find profession.Different Jobs have different stresses and stress levels and I am trying to capture the common theme behind work-related stress as a general topic. I will verify the source of any potential research information by conducting some background checks on the author to ensure that they are experts in their field. Once I have located and identified what I feel to be relevant data, I will compile the information for comparison. Only material meeting my specific research parameters will be utilized in order to ensure consistency and accuracy throughout all phases of my project.While conducting my research, I will combine both quantitative and qualitative r esearch methods in order to ensure that my findings are reliable, unbiased and objective. Because I am not focusing on a specific career field or occupation, I will ensure that my research is objective and can be reproduced by data supported through studies and research conducted on people from various backgrounds, locations and professions. By comparing data collected from the different studies meeting my criteria, I will be able to effectively utilize consistent data and eliminate irregularities or other material not applicable to my particular search focus.The symptoms, causes and health risks must be consistent in all studies. Additionally, hours spent at work and work environment should be varied to ensure that the common causes and stresses are captured. Since my topic is medically related, my research will be more effective by utilizing the most recent information and studies available. Medical technologies and research can evolve rapidly and therefore make older data and mat erial obsolete very quickly. Obtaining the most recent and credible material will be key for my research topic.For the retirement portion of the research, I will limit studies to natural remedies or medication approved by the FDA. After combining and comparing all data that is applicable to my research of work related stress, the material will be reviewed again for accuracy and also to ensure that all material is objective. Conclusions will be drawn based on the findings and the results will be presented in a written report. References * (1) Retrieved from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health website: * http://www. CDC. Gob/nosh/programs/work/emerging. HTML

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The Roman Empire How The Evolution And Growth Of Roman...

The Roman Empire: How the Evolution Growth of Roman Society Altered Christianity Rome was powerful, strong and had power over their people and they held on to it. Rome craved power along with control, eliminating any potential threats, no matter the size. Rome’s population was heavily influenced by its religion to control the population and to glorify the emperor. Rome developed Christianity in several big ways; the first being lowering women s status and influence within the Church. Once Christianity had been established as the dominant religion of the Roman Empire, many males began to succeed women in their roles as religious leaders. However the greatest way Rome helped transform Christianity was using Jesus as a way to help legitimize the emperors rule and sway public opinion. Roman emperors often used Jesus to help legitimize their rule therefore aiding i n the spread of the Christian faith throughout the Empire and to other territories. Jesus is humble, born to be a perfect man to walk on the earth. Jesus made many miracles come true to people to grow his ministry of God. In the Bible, the book of Matthew says all about Jesus’ life and the growth of his words and his name. Jesus is born in 4 CE, born of the virgin Mary and the Holy Spirit. At age 27, he delivers the Sermon on the Mount to a congregation of five thousand people. The crowd was fond ofShow MoreRelatedRoman Architecture And Its Impact On Society1550 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Roman architecture is a thing of the past; however, it still has a large impact upon society today. Roman buildings are what our buildings were derived from, a lot of the art we think of when we see a building was once thought of by the romans, was once built by the romans, and some of these buildings are still standing today, not many, but a few. Now, roman architecture is significant because of how it affected the growth of our architecture, how it evolved changed how we evolved. ThisRead MoreROMANS HEIRS TO GREEK AND HELLENISTIC CIVILIZATION2107 Words   |  9 Pagesï » ¿ IN WHAT WAYS WERE THE ROMANS HEIRS TO GREEK AND HELLENISTIC CIVILIZATION? The Hellenistic civilization marked an important time in Greek culture. This was the period between 323 and 31 BC, at one point the Greek society changed from being withdrawn and localized to an aggressive multinational, unprotected, and eager culture that infused together southwest Asia and eastern Mediterranean. The Hellenistic world involved many different people but the Greeks’ thinking and way of lifeRead MoreThe Nature of Discipleship Essay example2397 Words   |  10 Pagesmight be of value here if we considered briefly the nature of discipleship. It is a word in constant use among aspirants in Christian lands, as in the oriental religions. Discipleship could be defined as the final stage of the path of evolution, and as that period in a mans experience in which he is definitely self-conscious. It is the stage in which he knowingly pledges himself to impose the will of the soul (which is essentially the will of God) upon the lower natureRead MoreRise and Fall of Civilizations2560 Words   |  11 PagesChanelle Samuel The Inevitable Progression of Complex Societies Ancient civilizations and the civilizations of today all share a commonality. That commonality is that all civilizations seem to go through this pattern of rise and fall. The civilization will grow, prosper, accumulate wealth and power, but eventually due to a variety of factors including natural disasters, economic decline, invasion, and so on, the civilization will slowly lose power and land and relinquish any sort of ties thatRead MoreWorld Religion5936 Words   |  24 Pagesin most religions? 4. Define what is meant by sacred in religion and give some examples of how sacred is understood? 5. Offer some examples of religious symbols and discuss their meaning. Group B 1. Discuss the goal of studying religion in the historical and comparative sense 2. Identify and describe the First Pattern of religion which deals with sacramental, prophetic, and mystical orientation. Explain how all three orientations might be found in the same religious tradition. 3. As described inRead MoreThe Old Stone Age2055 Words   |  9 Pagesfood sources changed from wild plants and animals, birds and fish, to cultivated plants, such as early wheat, barley, olives, the vine, and domesticated animals, such as pigs and goats. Some animals, particularly bovines, became domesticated for other uses, such as transport. The development of agriculture fostered, and was dependent upon, the cooperation of large numbers of families who lived in close proximity to each other. There were other consequences such as population growth, craft specializationRead MoreHISTORICAL CONTEXT OF NURSING5706 Words   |  23 Pagesalways existed—and has primarily functioned—within a framework of human caring. This legacy of human caring dates back to biblical times and has been integrated into every facet of nursing. This content will discuss an overview of the historical evolution of nursing and nurse leaders that have shaped its current status. PREHISTORIC PERIOD Nursing in the prehistoric period was delineated by health practices that were strongly guided by beliefs of magic, religion, and superstition. Individuals whoRead MoreSociology and Other Sciences7090 Words   |  29 PagesSCIENCES Sociology deals with society [people];how people interact, their culture, norms, values just like other social sciences like psychology, economics, psychology which also deal with people and how they behave, their mental processes. There is also a relationship between sociology and economics which is another social science. economics deals with the production of goods and services and how they are distributed to people just like sociology which also consider how the goods are distributed toRead MoreBritish Culture11529 Words   |  47 PagesStonehenge - Silbury Hill The Roman period (43-410) The Roman province of Britannia covered most of present-day England and Wales. During this time a Celtic tribe called ‘The Scots’ migrated from Ireland to Scotland where they became allies of the Picts (also Celtic). The Romans left very little behind in their occupation. Reminders of their presence are place names like Chester, Lancaster, and Gloucester. These all include the word ‘castra’, variants of the Roman word ‘castra’ (military camp) Read MoreThe Philippine Architecture: Spanish Colonial Period18287 Words   |  74 PagesSpanish Colonial Period Chapter Review Arch 117 Abegail Imee R. Enriquez 2012-68836 Spanish Colonial Period How does Spanish Colonial architecture reflect Filipino identity? Discuss the various building types and their relationship to pre-colonial architecture in your arguments. Spanish colonial architecture reflects Filipino identity mostly through the Religious Architecture. As what the world knows, Philippines is the only Catholic country in Southeast Asia; thus, most of our structures all

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History of Scuba Diving and Pioneer Jacques Cousteau

Modern scuba diving gear consists of one or more gas tanks strapped to the divers back, connected to an air hose and an invention called the demand regulator. The demand regulator controls the flow of air so that the air pressure within the divers lungs equals the pressure of the water. Early Diving Gear Ancient swimmers used cut hollow reeds to breathe air, the first rudimentary snorkel used to enhance our abilities underwater. Around 1300, Persian divers were making rudimentary eye goggles from the thinly sliced and polished shells of tortoises. By the 16th century, wooden barrels were used as primitive diving bells, and for the first time divers could travel underwater with more than one breath of air, but not much more than one. More Than One Breath In 1771, British engineer, John Smeaton invented the air pump. A hose was connected between the air pump and the diving barrel, allowing air to be pumped to the diver. In 1772, Frenchmen, Sieur Freminet invented a rebreathing device that recycled the exhaled air from inside of the barrel, this was the first self-contained air device. Freminets invention was a poor one, the inventor died from lack of oxygen after being in his own device for twenty minutes. In 1825, English inventor, William James designed another self-contained breather, a cylindrical iron belt attached to a copper helmet. The belt held about 450 psi of air, enough for a seven-minute dive. In 1876, Englishmen, Henry Fleuss invented a closed circuit, oxygen rebreather. His invention was originally intended to be used in the repair of an iron door of a flooded ships chamber. Fleuss then decided to use his invention for a thirty-foot deep dive underwater. He died from the pure oxygen, which is toxic to humans under pressure. Rigid Diving Suits In 1873, Benoà ®t Rouquayrol and Auguste Denayrouze built a new piece of equipment a rigid diving suit with a safer air supply, however it weighed about 200 pounds. Houdini Suit - 1921 Famous magician and escape artist, Harry Houdini (born Ehrich Weiss in Budapest, Hungary in 1874) was also an inventor. Harry Houdini astonished audiences by escaping from handcuffs, straitjackets, and locked boxes, often doing so underwater. Houdinis invention for a divers suit permitted divers, in case of danger, to quickly divest themselves of the suit while submerged and to safely escape and reach the surface of the water. Jacques Cousteau Emile Gagnan Emile Gagnan and Jacques Cousteau co-invented the modern demand regulator and an improved autonomous diving suit. In 1942, the team redesigned a car regulator and invented a demand regulator that would automatically fresh air when a diver breathed. A year later in 1943, Cousteau and Gagnan began selling the Aqua-Lung.

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Northern Napa Valley Winery Essay - 1827 Words

NORTHERN NAPA VALLEY WINERY Period Month-Year Sales MA CMA Snl Factor Ad trend est Snl Inx Forecast 1 Jan-88 6,632 7414.480161 0.895433355 6639.172848 2 Feb-88 6,534 7495.930161 0.855674227 6414.07425 3 Mar-88 6,675 7577.380161 0.915057445 6933.738129 4 Apr-88 6,692 7658.830161 0.924270145 7078.828067 5 May-88 6,984 7740.280161 0.942241926 7293.21649 6 Jun-88 7,133 7821.730161 0.938433481 7340.173459 7 Jul-88 6,385 7,727 0.826274271 7903.180161 0.887321174 7012.659097 8 Aug-88 7,364 7,760 0.948999646 7984.630161 0.732715692 5850.463814 9 Sep-88 7,171 7,816 0.917432953 8066.080161 0.960270745 7745.620807 10 Oct-88 8,690 7,906 1.09918257 8147.530161 1.09169761 8894.639202 11 Nov-88 10,299†¦show more content†¦2 9532.180161 0.915057445 8722.492422 28 Apr-90 8,820 9,101 9,505 0.927912329 9613.630161 0.924270145 8885.591347 29 May-90 9,313 9,168 9,608 0.969321641 9695.080161 0.942241926 9135.111008 30 Jun-90 9,419 9,288 9,717 0.969303004 9776.530161 0.938433481 9174.623227 31 Jul-90 8,700 9,362 9,910 0.877871582 9857.980161 0.887321174 8747.194527 32 Aug-90 6,960 9,399 10,067 0.691347805 9939.430161 0.732715692 7282.776449 33 Sep-90 9,091 9,446 10,110 0.899253178 10020.88016 0.960270745 9622.75806 34 Oct-90 10,933 9,565 10,192 1.072708467 10102.33016 1.09169761 11028.68969 35 Nov-90 13,117 9,651 10,315 1.271663785 10183.78016 1.337830958 13624.17637 36 Dec-90 15,337 9,784 10,418 1.472122349 10265.23016 1.5378799 15786.69114 37 Jan-91 11,267 10,037 10,514 1.071644275 10346.68016 0.895433355 9264.762532 38 Feb-91 8,889 10,098 10,588 0.839548538 10428.13016 0.855674227 8923.08222 39 Mar-91 9,612 10,122 10,698 0.898510195 10509.58016 0.915057445 9616.869569 40 Apr-91 10,511 10,262 10,814 0.971969531 10591.03016 0.924270145 9788.972988 41 May-91 10,571 10,367 10,926 0.967545593 10672.48016 0.942241926 10056.05827 42 Jun-91 10,644 10,469 11,089 0.959844895 10753.93016 0.938433481 10091.84811 43 Jul-91 9,766 10,558 11,127 0.877671764 10835.38016 0.887321174 9614.462243 44 Aug-91 7,672 10,618 11,157 0.687670865 10916.83016 0.732715692 7998.932766 45 Sep-91 11,016 10,778 11,282 0.976397378 10998.28016 0.960270745 10561.32669 46 Oct-91 11,802 10,850Show MoreRelatedWhat Sets Napa Valley Apart1281 Words   |  6 PagesCalifornia’s wine regions parallel in their respective histories. However, what sets Napa Valley apart is its rich collection of individual growers and producers dedicated to furthering the reputation of the region from the very beginning. Importantly, its unique location provides ecological serenity for the production of wine from its expansive variety of soils to the balancing effect of its climate. The history of Napa Valley and many vineyard growing areas of California are fraught with a tumultuousRead MoreNapa Valley Winery Inc Essay1498 Words   |  6 PagesNorthern Napa Valley Winery Inc. Future Sales Forecast Report Prepared by: Karriem Pierre November 20, 2011 Nova Southeastern University Business Modeling, Fall Semester, Online Course Professor Phillip S. Rokicki, Ph.D Executive Summary Ms. Quintana CEO of Northern Napa Valley Winery Inc. was considering conducting business with Trans Continental stores to sell excess grapes from the 2008 harvest. Prior to making a decision QuintanaRead MoreA Study On Bordeaux Wine2446 Words   |  10 PagesEmma Metz IAFS 3000 Located in Northern California, Napa Valley is know for producing some of the best wines in the world. Bordeaux France, about 400 miles south of Paris is one of the oldest and most well know wine making regions in the world.   I had the opportunity this year to visit Bordeaux, and see the rich history and culture this area has surrounding wine. I was able to visit Chateau’s like St.Emilion, and see the wine making process first hand. I was also able to try the variety of winesRead MoreThe Three Causes Of Fires In Northern California1216 Words   |  5 PagesFires in California   Ã‚  Ã‚   As you may or may not know, there are some wildfires in Northern California.   I found three sources on the topic, each from a different view.   Fox, from the right, CBS, from the left, and Reuters at the center.   In short, what is happening is in Sonoma County and Napa County there has been some really bad fires that are killing people and damaging lots of property. News is supposed to be objective, telling the situation how it is.   Just looking at the titles for these articlesRead MoreRobert Mondavi Case Review Essay3115 Words   |  13 PagesRobert Mondavi Case Review Robert Mondavi Corporation Robert Mondavi began making wine in Napa Valley in 1943. He started working in the wine industry with his family. He later started his own winery in Oakville, California. Mondavi, along with his two sons, Michael and Timothy, would guide the Robert Mondavi Winery to the strong position the company enjoys today. Mondavi introduced many new techniques to the California wine industry that included cold fermentation, stainless steel tanksRead MoreThe Wine Industry1709 Words   |  7 PagesNapa County is best known for its world renown wineries. The wine industry is the central economic driver in Napa and Sonoma counties. It boasts itself as the world’s fourth largest wine producer. Napa and Sonoma County’s farming industry employs thousands of farm laborers, sales reps, and sommeliers. Additionally, the wine industry thrives on tourism and exportation of goods. This requires thousands of support industries such as shipping companies, hospitals, and hotels. â€Å"In 2015, the wineRead MoreAnalyzing the External Environment1974 Words   |  8 Pageslargest market for many wineries in the California market. During the 2001 - 2002 timeframe, the economy in Northern California has weakened based on the failing and other internet businesses. Restaurants in these areas t hat were once prospering because of the strong economic forces are now closed. Also, retail stores in these geographic areas are not turning inventories as fast, and therefore, not purchasing the wine at the same levels. In effect, wine case sales in Northern California are downRead MoreAn Average Temperature Increase For Grape Growing1135 Words   |  5 Pagesbetween the years 2009 and 2014, there has been an average temperature increase of between 1 to 2 centigrade. 2009 is prior to the official onset of the drought. According to the Winker Index for vineyard suitability, in 2010 30% of vineyards in Napa Valley fell into Class IV which is considered â€Å"hot† for grape growing. One can assume through this image that more vineyards will feel the temperature increase and raise to Class IV or even Class V (too hot). A warmer climate leads to drier soils whichRead MoreCompetition in the Global Wine Industry:11105 Words   |  45 Pagescan be attributed to the low level o f strategic importance placed on exporting by most U.S. wineries. In the past, a very common export strategy for U.S. companies was to export only the excess capacity that was on hand due to over production (Monterey County Herald, 1998), thus there was little focus on establishing a presence in the global market place. Foreign governments could also restrict U.S. wineries ability to operate by using anti-competitive actions such as implementing high tariffs forRead MoreIs California A Large State?1660 Words   |  7 PagesCalifornia, Redding is located in Northern California and LA is located in Southern California. The larger cities are mostly located in Southern California; therefore, they get the most representation. However, the smaller cities in Northern California practically get no say and are â€Å"underrepresented in the state legislature and ignored by California’s urban centers†, according to one the New York Daily News writer, Sarah Goodyear. This underre presentation has affected Northern California cities in multiple